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Reliable backups are vital to any company. Lack of an effective backup can result in closure of a company after a disaster such as hard drive failure, theft or fire.
The hard drive on your computer will only crash when it contains vital information that has not been backed up.
Murphy's Laws of Computers

We can help with this vital area including reliable in-house backup and cloud backups. Both solutions offer unique benefits and are best used in conjunction.

Cloud backup is the latest option and provides secure off-site backup without the expense of hardware and tapes and the hassle of taking tapes or drives home every day. Partnered with EMC we provide remotely managed, secure server and desktop backup over the internet for both business and personal data protection. Unlike a lot of other plans, you only buy what you need starting at just 1Gb. And when you need more space upgrading is a snap. Don't pay for space you are not using!

Or alternatively consider building your own cloud backup using our hosted service. This has the benefits of knowing where your data is and provides the option of "seeding" your data so you are not waiting months for your initial backup to complete.

Finally traditional in-house backup offers reliable data security and can store incremental data going back years. Plus it's fast to backup and fast to restore when you need access to your data. One Red Mouse are authorised
Archiware PressSTORE resellers so can offer advice on all aspects of backing up servers and workstations to tape or hard drive.

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