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...the most efficient mail hosting service I have used in years.
Katrina Kutchinsky, KK Communications
Having your eMail hosted means you don't have to worry about how it all works and avoid the hassle and expense of hardware, software, backup and maintenance contracts.

Our eMail is scanned for viruses using Sophos and has over seven anti-spam measures including checks against five well known blacklists

One Red Mouse offer a full hosted Anytime Anywhere eMail service from a secure datacentre with the following features:
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Pasted Graphic 1 Easy setup with your choice of eMail client
Pasted Graphic 2 Unified messaging from anywhere PC / Phone / Web / iPad
Pasted Graphic 3 Centralised Calendaring and Contacts
Pasted Graphic 4 Push technology for Smartphones
Pasted Graphic 5 Anti-Virus scanning and Multi-level Anti-Spam protection
Pasted Graphic 6 Public folders
Pasted Graphic 7 Server-side Out Of Office messaging
Pasted Graphic 8 Flexible mailbox sizes
Pasted Graphic 9 Friendly support

We can also manage the migration from your existing service including taking care of DNS so you know the transition will be as painless as possible.
So why not eMail now to discuss how we can help you...
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